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What to Wear to an Interview for Men and Women [images]

This subject should be common sense and a no-brainer; however, there are those who believe that wearing anything to a job is appropriate. Wearing whatever you pull out of the closet or your drawers in the morning, is the best way to blow the interview. If you have a sloppy appearance, the interviewer is going to relate that to your personality and your work ethics. It’s sad, but it’s also nothing but the truth. Wearing the proper attire for your job interview will set the stage for success, regardless of the position you are applying for.

Fast forwarding from the 1950’s, men don’t wear suits and ties and women don’t wear pretty dresses to interviews anymore. That’s just common knowledge and observation, really. These days, you’ll find that interviews are more laid back when it comes to attire, but that does not mean you should totally throw aside the concept of looking clean and well put together.

what to wear for an interview female

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What to Wear for an Interview ‘Female’

Let’s just say that a woman is going to an interview for a receptionist position, for an example. The question here is not, ‘how should she be dressed?’, but is really, ‘what should she not be wearing?’, which is pretty basic. Skirts that are too tight or too short, more than enough cleavage, old-looking shoes, more makeup than a clown would wear or an assault on the nasal cavities because of excessive perfume are some of the basics that will get you nowhere.

Also, if a woman looks like she’s uncomfortable in her clothing that says a lot about her. During job interviews, interviewers look for women who feel comfortable with themselves. If a woman is constantly pulling down her skirt because it’s riding up, or trying to fix her cleavage discreetly, it shows that she’s not comfortable whatsoever.

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What to Wear to an Interview ‘Men’

This cannot be stressed enough, any type of cargo pants or shorts are not appropriate. So don’t even think about it. No matter what the position may be for, pants all the way. If the position is a little more laid back, a nice, crisp pair of jeans will do the job. If the position is more professional, dress pants. Nobody is asking you to dress up by any means but keep your outfit crisp. No stains, lint pieces, holes, snags or stains whatsoever.

A nice t-shirt, absolutely no graphics or designs, will work for a job that is more laid back. A t-shirt in one bold color, preferably black or a dark blue is best. Again, this cannot be stressed enough, absolutely no graphics, slogans or logos on the shirt. If it’s a professional position, a dress shirt is the only answer.

Research, Research, Research

For an extra step, research the company’s typical dress code and the overall culture. This way you will be able to see what is typically worn in the workplace environment. Once you know, try to match your interview outfit best to what you found. This will not only help you to get the job, but it will impress the interviewer because he or she will see that not only are you well dressed, but you already have the attire that is appropriate for this specific workplace.

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